Coverage: Neverland Manila presents Young Gunz

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I found myself with the opportunity to attend and cover Neverland Manila presents Young Gunz on a chill and occasionally drizzly June night in Circuit Makati. In what could be the confluence of being thirtysomething caught right smack in the middle of a long weekend with nothing much to do, I came in early, just before 8:00 p.m., just when the crowd was trickling in. It wasn’t the first EDM event I’ve been in, but I think I can never get used to this scene–as with most of its iterations since the late Nineties.

Yet, this would be the first time I covered an EDM event for The first question that came into mind is “How do I do this?”. Looking around for lanyard-wielding media partner compatriots, I notice they do the same stuff they do in concerts: shoot the artist and get some crowd shots. So I consciously tried not to do the same thing I do when I shoot concerts, not only because a different shot would set me apart from the rest of the fotogs, but to satisfy an objective of showing the rest of the party-going population of Metro Manila what’s going down.

After taking some quick shots with the trusty Canon 7D, I whipped out the iPhone 6s and took some Boomerang gifs for quick uploads in the Philippine Concerts Facebook page. I mean, what’s a great way to show people how fun it was to be in the event happening at that moment?

I’d love to get nearer the DJ booth though, if only the organizers would allow such access. I guess that would be for some other time.#