Seven Years Ago: NU107 Signed Off

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I had to be there when Manila’s rock radio NU107 signed off on 7 November 2010. A lot of other people had the same idea.

It was my second time there. The first time was when I was with my friends from The Purplechickens for, if memory serves me well, a radio guesting (maybe In The Raw) when they kindly had the demo of my former band Ginseng play for whatever reason. There were other times I should have been there, when my other former band Oi Wag Dito guested for In The Raw for the UP Underground compilation album (I was absent for some reason I can’t recall).

Anyhoo, there I was with friends from UP Quill, sharing a mix of a large cup of 711 dispenser softdrink mixed with cheap whiskey with a larger group of people, waiting for a radio station to die in front of our eyes. There was another rock radio station death a few years back, but no mourners crowded near LA105.9’s yard for its last breath, not a crowd as large at least.

How large it was, I had to know, I told myself that night, a Canon 1000D in hand. So I went around the crowd from end to end, back to front, to watch the mourners heave lyrics of goodbye. I saw some familiar faces, shut-eyed sing-alongers, regretful reminiscers. It was like New Years’ Eve, but with candles for fireworks.

After the last la-las and synth strings of the appropriate “Ang Huling El Bimbo” by Eraserheads, we went back to our smaller circles to reminisce a bit more, mostly about how the 90s alternative rock scene here and abroad practically wrote our lives. Once the whiskey concoction was finished, we went home to our iPods and Facebooks and Limewires and Multiplies.#