Watch A Band For That One Song

Three years ago, I went and covered the first Manila performance of Magic!, a band fresh from their debut  single “Rude”, a catchy reggae ditty. The song has the reggae-song-of-the-year or -season vibe, more of the “King Without A Crown” territory and less of the Shaggy type of deal, although dangerously close. Not that it is a bad thing–it’s still a welcome earworm and not that big of a mainstream hit for noontime shows to exploit (I might be wrong).

In the case of that Magic! gig, “Rude” was presumably the only song the most of the crowd knew at that time they got a ticket to see the band. Sure, there was “Don’t Kill The Magic” and it is a right proper pop song in its own right, but the question really is: Should you pay to see a band if you only know one or two of their songs?

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